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Новый оптический сайт - по адресу - www.opticalglass.com.ua -оптическое стекло и оптические фильтры - спецификации, тех. данные, каталоги http://www.opticalglass.com.ua

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Business Activity.

Company Potapenko S.V., SPDFL has business activity as the Ukrainian
distributor of optical glass types. The optical glasses are melting at the Ukrainian factory which has long experience and strong traditions on the melting of the optical glasses.

Work Started.

This work started with 1910. When glass optical quality for the first time
has been melted by German optical workshop on Ukraine. Optical glass-work provide the national market and import of optical glass types has been stopped in 1927. Our manufacturer mastered 70 optical glasses and 40 glass filters with 1940. Export started into India, China, Poland, East Germany, USA in 1954. Now glass-work is mastering 120 optical glasses and 60 glass filters. Our designers constantly work above perfection of qualitative optical factors, which experts order to modern optical systems and elements.


Our Ukrainian types of the optical glasses and glass filters are identical
to main manufacturers as Schott Germany and Hoya Japan. Some optical glass types are melted exclusively by our manufacturer such as abnormal crown and flint glass, i-line or ultraviolet glass, solarization or radiation glass, phosphoric thermal protective glasses, anoxic glasses, alloyed neodymium and opaline glass.

Supply Forms.

Forms of supply are traditional. It is the blocks, cut blanks,
pressed blanks and glass droplets. Also form is the ophthalmologic
pressed lens blank for eyeglasses.

Industrial Standard.

The test certificate by the Ukrainian national industrial standard GOST 23136 Optical materials - Defects and classifications or International Standard ISO 10110 Issuing of drawings for optical elements and systems or Deutsche Industrial Normal DIN 3514 related to the optical material defects.

Our company expect your orders.

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