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Monday 30th June - Thursday 3rd July 2003

Dear Colleague,

There is to be a conference Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory in the Moscow Bauman State Technical University between Monday 30th June to Thursday 3rd July 2003.

The objectives of this conference are the same as those pursued in the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) conferences which have been held in Imperial College, London, every two years since 1988. These objectives are:-

"… to explore the chief characteristics - including the advantages and disadvantages - of the various physical, geometrical, and mathematical interpretations of the formal structure of Relativity Theory, and to examine the philosophical and other questions concerning the various interpretations of the accepted mathematical expression of the Relativity Principle. Relativity permeates the physical sciences to the same extent that Evolutionary Theory permeates the biological sciences and therefore papers reviewing the links between Relativity and other major departments of physical science are within the scope of the conference. Critical review of the conceptual apparatus and the statements of the Relativity Principle is invited provided it is rational and scientific. Papers which are written primarily in support of quasi-religious or metaphysical viewpoints are not compatible with the conference objectives. The conference seeks to review subjects relevant to the solution of physical , mathematical-physical and technical problems. It is intended to inter-relate several fields of research and to promote understanding between different schools of thought engaged in studying Relativity…"

The Conference Programmes of the London conferences included papers dealing with the following major themes:-

Cosmology, Gravitation and Space-Time Structure.
Time, Reference Frames and the Fundamentals of Relativity.
Nature and Models of the Physical Vacuum.
Formal Structures and Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory.
Experimental Aspects of Relativity.
The Poincare-Lorentz and the Einstein-Minkowski expositions of the Relativity Principle.
The Relativistic World Ether: The Ether Geometrized; Dirac's Ether and Ether Formulations of Relativity.
Analogues of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The Vortex Sponge.
Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Relativity.

This is not an exhaustive list, and colleagues wishing to submit papers dealing with different subjects should send an outline of their proposed contribution to the organizers of the Moscow conference.


The Local Organizing Committee of PIRT-Moscow is directed by:-

Prof. A.N. Morozov, Head of Physics Dept., Bauman MSTU, amor@mx.bmstu.ru
Prof. V.O. Gladyshev, Physics Dept., Bauman MSTU, vgladyshev@mail.ru
Dr. T. M. Gladysheva., Physics Dept., Bauman MSTU, vgladyshev@mail.ru

Postal Communications may be sent to:-

Prof. A.N. Morozov, ap. 167, 14/16 Zemlyanoi val street, Moscow, 105064

Prof. V.O. Gladyshev & Dr T. M. Gladysheva,
Local Organizing Committee of PIRT-Moscow,
Physics Department,
Moscow Bauman State Technical University,
5, 2-nd Baumanskaya st., Moscow 107005,

Academic and administrative support for the Moscow PIRT conference has been kindly provided by the Rector of Bauman State Technical University, Prof. Igor Borisovich Fedorov, bauman@bmstu.ru, and by the Vice Rector for International Relations, Bauman MSTU, Vice-Rector Gennady P. Pavlikhin irina@interd.bmstu.ru


Abstracts and Texts of Papers offered for inclusion in the PIRT Moscow Programme should be sent to the Local Organizing Committee if possible before April.

All enquiries concerning length of abstracts, papers, registration, accommodation, etc. should be sent to the Local Organizing Committee preferably by e-mail to Prof. A.N. Morozov amor@mx.bmstu.ru and Prof. V.O. Gladyshev & Dr T.M. Gladysheva vgladyshhev@mail.ru .

Colleagues from countries outside Russia should note that a visa is required for entry into the country, and it is essential to leave time for applying for this document which may take two or three weeks to obtain, sometimes longer. It is therefore in the interests of all non-Russian participants to prepare for participation in the Moscow PIRT conference by the earliest date possible.

Please send the following information, together with an abstract of your proposed contribution, to the Local Organizing Committee at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University:-

Address for Communications
Post Code
FAX and Telephone Numbers.
E-Mail Address
Title of Proposed Address
Language of Proposed Address
Visual Aids required for Address
Accommodation requirements.

The abstracts and texts of papers included in the programme of the Moscow PIRT conference will be posted on the PIRT web-site which is maintained by the University of Sunderland, and was developed to serve the needs of the London meetings.


Details concerning the previous PIRT conferences, held between 1988 and 2002 are given in the updated Conference Brochure which may be accessed at the following website address.


Abstracts and papers inclusion in the PIRT 2002 Programme have been posted on this site, and indicate the range of themes examined by the London meetings..

The next London PIRT will be 3rd - 6th September 2004.

All enquiries concerning the London PIRT conferences should be sent to Dr. M. C. Duffy michael.duffy9@btopenworld.com , FAX +44 (0) 1282 454 087, P.O. Box 342,
Burnley, Great Britain, BB10 1XL.

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