олимпиада по программированию Bitwise2k4

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Тема: олимпиада по программированию Bitwise2k4

Немножно не по теме, но форума по программированию тут не наблюдается. Просьба довести информацию до заинтересованых людей (дабы Россия не ударила лицом в грязь ;)
И торопитесь - регистрация заканчивается 4 февраля.

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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 01:45:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Abhishek AGRAWAL
Subject: BitWISE2k4 Programming Contest !

Hi all,

For the fourth successive year, IIT Kharagpur CSE
Department Society is organising BitWISE, the popular
internet-based algorithm-intensive programming

Since the first BitWISE in 2001, the contest has
consistently got strong participation from computer
science and engineering students and professionals in
India, USA, Singapore, Germany etc.

It is fun to participate. It is a 12 hour contest. You
will need to submit programs online, solving simple
but interesting problems created by the BitWISE team.
You will compete against the best and the brightest
from more than 700 top universities and 100+ top
software companies in India, USA and Singapore. As the
contest progresses, you will get your current ranking
as soon as you submit a new solution. There will be
online support to answer questions you might have
during the contest. And there are prizes worth INR
75000 to be won (cash, t shirts, etc etc) at the end
of 12 hours of brain-teasing.

Details at:

Contest on Feb 8 ( it is a weekend). Registration starts 20 January at
the website. There are early bird registration prizes:
a cool BitWISE T shirt.

Don't miss it !

PS: Please feel free to forward this information to
people who might be interested in BitWISE.

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