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Математика – Ресурсы в интернете. Зарубежные

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есть очень большая база
там собрано порядка 30000 журналов, насколько я помню стоимость подписки растет логарифмически от числа журналов

RU.MATH URLs: Иностранные материалы

Общеобразовательные курсы (матан, алгебра, линейка и т.п.)
Author: Alan Bain
Part IA: Discrete Mathematics, Probability;
Part IB Notes: Analysis Further Analysis Quadratic Mathematics Methods Quantum Fluids Geometry
Part II Notes: Combinatorics, Dynamical Systems, Electrodynamics, Fluids II, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Functional Analysis, Galois Theory, General Relativity, General Relativity Course Handout, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Number Fields, Statistical Physics, Waves,
Part III: Bifurcations in Nonlinear Convection
URL: http://www.cam.ac.uk/societies/archim/notes.htm
Format: TeX, DVI, PS
Актуализация: 07/03/2001
Комментарии: The Archimedeans maintains a set of lecture notes for many courses in the mathematical Tripos for the benefit of members
Author: John A. Beachy
Book: Abstract Algebra II
URL: http://www.math.niu.edu/~beachy/aaol/frames_index.html
Format: HTML (frames/no)
Актуализация: 07/03/2001
Author: J.S. Milne's
Subject: Записки курса лекций по Group Theory, Fields and Galois Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Modular Functions and Modular Forms, Elliptic Curves, Abelian Varieties, Lectures on Etale Cohomology, and Class Field Theory.
URL: http://www.jmilne.org/math/
Format: DVI, PDF, PS
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Комментарии: Tам очень хоpошие алгебpаические куpсы, в том числе и по теоpии гpупп. Текст pассчитан на начинающих.
Author: Robert Coleman
Subject: Fontaine's Theory of the Mysterious Functor; Elliptic Curves and Drinfeld Modules; Algebraic Curves; Linear Algebra; Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
URL: http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~coleman/Courses.html
Format: TeX, PS, DVI
Актуализация: 02/05/2001


Специальные курсы
Author: Boas EREZ
Subject: Book: Galois modules in arithmetic
URL: http://www.math.u-bordeaux.fr/~erez/
Format: DVI
Актуализация: 02/05/2001
Комментарии: +Invariants of a quadratic form attached to a tame covering of schemes.
Author: Arthur Ogus
Subject: Some preprints
URL: http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~ogus/
Format: DVI
Актуализация: 02/05/2001
Комментарии: Lectures on Logarithmic De Rham Cohomology
Singularities in the height strata in the moduli of K3 surfaces;
Frobenius and the Hodge spectral sequence;
Elliptic crystals and modular motives;
The Poincare Lemma and its variants;
On the Hasse Locus of a Calabi-Yau family;
Higgs cohomology, p-curvaure, and the Cartier operator
Author: Igor V. Dolgachev
URL: http://www.math.lsa.umich.edu/~idolga/lecturenotes.html
Format: TeX, DVI, PS
Актуализация: 01/05/2001
Author: Ivan B. Fesenko
Subject: Lecture Notes of Courses
URL: http://www.maths.nott.ac.uk/personal/ibf/lecnote.html
Format: PS, PDF
Актуализация: 05/03/2001
Комментарии: Invitation to number theory, Commutative algebra, Introduction to algebraic number theory, Homological algebra
Author: Richard Gibbens < R.J.Gibbens@statslab.cam.ac.uk>
Subject: Lecture slides: Algorithms and Networks
URL: http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~richard/teaching/algnets/
Format: PS
Актуализация: 07/03/2001
Комментарии: Last modified: Tue Oct 27 15:52:19 1998
Author: Garth Warner
Subject: Topics in Topology and Homotopy Theory
URL: http://hopf.math.purdue.edu/pub/WarnerG/warner-book.abstract
Актуализация: 05/03/2001
Комментарии: This book is a systematic account of the homotopical foundations of algebraic topology. The depth of coverage is substantial and I have made a point to include material which is ordinarily not included.
Author: Do Ngoc Diep
Subject: Non Commutative Geometry Methods for Group C*-Algebras
URL: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/K-theory/0225/index.html
Format: DVI,PS
Актуализация: 05/03/2001
Комментарии: This reserach monograph is intended to provide a quick introduction to the subject. The exposition is scheduled in the sequence, as possible for more undestanding for beginners. The author exposed a K-theoretic approach to study group C*-algebras: started in the elementary part, with one example of description of the structure of C*-algebras of the group of affine transformations of the real straight line, continued then for some special classes of solvable and nilpotent Lie groups. In the second advanced part, he introduced the main tools of the theory. In particular, the conception of multidimensional geometric quantization and the index of group C*-algebras were created and developed.
Author: Kevin P. Knudson
Subject: Monograph on the homology of linear groups
URL: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/K-theory/0387/index.html
Format: PS,DVI
Актуализация: 05/03/2001
Комментарии: List of chapters: I. Topological methods II. Stability III. Low-dimensional results Rank one groups
Author: Chris Willett
Subject: Vector Bundles and an Introduction to Gauge Theory
URL: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~cwillett/bundles/index.html
Format: TeX, DVI, PS
Актуализация: 31/03/2001
Комментарии: The Basics of Bundles (lectures 1-13), Connections on Vector Bundles (lectures 14-25)
Author: BjЬrn Ian Dundas, Tom G. Goodwillie and Randy McCarthy
Subject: Book project, "The Local structure of algebraic K-theory"
URL: http://www.math.ntnu.no/~dundas/indexeng.html
Format: DVI
Актуализация: 01/05/2001
Author: William P. Thurston
Subject: The Geometry and Topology of Three-Manifolds
URL: http://www.msri.org/publications/books/gt3m/index.html
Format: DVI, PS, PDF
Актуализация: 01/05/2001
Комментарии: This is an electronic edition of the 1980 notes distributed by Princeton University.
Author: Allen Hatcher
Books: Algebraic Topology, Vector Bundles and K-Theory, Spectral Sequences in Algebraic Topology, Notes on Basic 3-Manifold Topology
URL: http://www.math.cornell.edu/~hatcher/
Format: PDF, PostScript
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Noel Vaillant
Subject: Notes on measure theory
URL: http://www.probability.net
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Subject: Notes on category theory and combinatorics
URL: http://www.brics.aau.dk/LS/Ref/BRICS-LS-Ref/BRICS-LS-Ref.html
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Комментарии: Там еще что-то, но я не понимаю.
LS-95-1 Jaap van Oosten. Basic Category Theory. January 1995. vi+75 pp.
LS-95-4 Dany Breslauer and Devdatt P. Dubhashi. Combinatorics for Computer
Scientists. August 1995. viii+184 pp.

Author: Stefan Bilaniuk
A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic (2 Vol.)
Volume I, Propositional and First-Order Logic: Version 1.5
Volume II, Computability and Incompleteness:Version 1.3
URL: http://www.trentu.ca/academic/math/sb/misc/pcml.html
Format: LaTeX, PostScript, PDF
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Edwin H. Connell
Subject: Book: Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
URL: http://www.math.miami.edu/~ec/book/
Format: DVI, PDF, PostScript
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: E.T. Jaynes
Subject: Probability Theory: The Logic Of Science
URL: http://bayes.wustl.edu/etj/prob.html
Format: PDF, PostScript
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: John Lindsay Orr
Subject: Analysis WebNotes
URL: http://www.math.unl.edu/~webnotes/home/home.htm
Format: HTML
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Marko Petkovsek, Herbert Wilf and Doron Zeilberger
Subject: Book: "A = B" (AeqB)

Author: Herbert S. Wilf
Subject: Algorithms and Complexity, Generatingfunctionology
URL: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~wilf/AeqB.html
Format: PDF
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Donald Estep and Claes Johnson
Subject: Practical Analysis in One Variable
URL: http://www.mathphysics.com/claestep/book.html
Format: PDF
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Evans M. Harrell II and James V. Herod
Subject: Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics
URL: http://www.mathphysics.com/pde/
Format: HTML, PDF (Chapters 1-10 only)
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Authors: Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone
Subject: Handbook of Applied Cryptography
URL: http://www.cacr.math.uwaterloo.ca/hac/
Format: PS, PDF
Актуализация: 15/03/2001
Комментарии: All chapters available for free download (Save $100 :)
Author: Jeffrey Lee
Subject: Geometry and Physics, book on Differential Geometry
URL: http://www.math.ttu.edu/~jlee/geompage.html
Format: PDF, PS, DVI
Актуализация: 31/03/2001
Комментарии: This course is an experiment in online teaching initiated independently by Jeffrey Lee of Texas Tech University with the possible participation of other professors.
Author: Alan Weinstein
Subject: Geometric Models for Noncommutative Algebras
URL: http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~alanw/
Format: PS, PDF
Актуализация: no
Комментарии: Geometric Models for Noncommutative Algebras, by A. Cannas da Silva and A. Weinstein, was published in 1999 by the American Mathematical Society in the Berkeley Mathematics Lecture Notes series; see the listing at the AMS Bookstore.
Author: E.Lee Lady
Subject: Notes on Various Topics (Calculus | Linear Algebra | Discrete Mathematics | Elementary Arithmetic Abstract Algebra | Homological Algebra, Torsion Free Modules over Dedekind Domains)
URL: http://www.math.hawaii.edu/~lee/index.html
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Paul Taylor
Subject: Practical Foundations of Mathematics
URL: http://www.dcs.qmw.ac.uk/~pt/Practical_Foundations/
Format: HTML
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: Maarten M. Fokkinga
Subject: A Gentle Introduction to Category Theory (Lecture Notes)
URL: http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~fokkinga/mmf92b.html
Format: PS
Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Author: John H. Heinbockel
Subject: Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics
URL: http://www.math.odu.edu/~jhh/counter2.html
Format: PDF
Актуализация: !Актуализация: 17/01/2001
Комментарии: ?Проблемы, посмотреть из MS-Explorer


Subject: Математический факу:
URL: http://daisy.uwaterloo.ca/~alopez-o
URL: http://www.cs.unb.ca/~alopez-o/math-faq/math-faq.html
Актуализация: 02/02/2001
Subject: KANT is a software package for mathematicians interested in algebraic number theory
URL: ftp://ftp.math.tu-berlin.de/pub/algebra/Kant/Kash/
Актуализация: 02/02/2001
Author: Andrew Granville
Subject: Articles, reprints and preprints (теория чисел и численный анализ)
URL: http://www.math.uga.edu/~andrew/agpapers.html
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Subject: Surreal Numbers
URL: http://www.nadn.navy.mil/MathDept/wdj/surreal1.htm
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Author: Robin Chapman
Subject: Lecture notes: A Guide to Arithmetic; Notes on Algebraic Numbers; Algebraic Number Theory
URL: http://www.maths.ex.ac.uk/~rjc/rjc.html
Format: DVI, PS, PDF
Актуализация: 28/04/2001
Комментарии: There are also some interesting preprints on this page
Author: Robert Langlands
Subject: Scanned papers and books of Robert Langlands
URL: http://www.sunsite.ubc.ca/DigitalMathArchive/Langlands/intro.html
Format: DVI, PS, PDF
Актуализация: 28/04/2001
Комментарии: The creater of the so-called "Langlands program" the most deepest, general and hardest set of conjectures and insights in modern mathematics, unifying number theory, representation theory of groups and algebraic geometry. The Langlands Program was the main driving force of enormous amount of activity from 60-ies till present, nethertheless the main conjectures are still unreachable for modern mathematics. Its generalizations will be, for sure, the most important theme for mathematics of XXI century.
Author: Ian Anderson and Iiro Honkala
Subject: A Short Course in Combinatorial Designs, ii + 39 pages
URL: http://users.utu.fi/honkala/cover.html
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Subject: The Maths Room
URL: http://sunflower.singnet.com.sg/~okheng/
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Subject: School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University
URL: ftp://pell.anu.edu.au/pub
Актуализация: 29/01/2001
Комментарии: ?Много разбираться.
Author: Marc Levine
Book: Motivic cohomology and algebraic cycles a categorical approach
URL: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/K-theory/0107/
Format: DVI, PS
Актуализация: 05/04/2001
Comments: "For each scheme S, we construct a triangulated tensor category DM(S), functorially in S, which we propose as a candidate for the derived category of the conjectural category of mixed motives over S. The resulting cohomology theory has all the properties of a Bloch-Ogus cohomology theory, including ..."
Author: Amnon Neeman
Subject: Triangulated Categories
URL: http://hopf.math.purdue.edu/cgi-bin/generate?/pub/Neeman/triangulatedcats
Format: PS, PDF, TXT, DVI, LJ
Актуализация: 08.05.2001
Комментарии: Abstract: The book begins from scratch. The first two chapters amount to an exposition of standard results. But the rest of the book develops the new notion of "well generated triangulated categories". We define them, and prove representability theorems for them. As an application, we deduce that, for any spectrum E, Brown's representability theorem holds in both the category of E-acyclic spectra, and the category of E-local spectra.
Author: Rob Kirby
Subject: Book: Problems in Low-Dimensional Topology
URL: http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~kirby/
Format: .ps.gz
Актуализация: 08.04.2001
Комментарии: 380 pages
Author: Richard Melrose
Subject: 1. The Heisenberg algebra, index theory and homology
2. Differential analysis on manifolds with corners
3. Geometric Scattering Theory
URL: http://www-math.mit.edu/~rbm/book.html
Format: PS
Актуализация: 08.04.2001
Author: Cynthia Dwork
Subject: Lecture Notes: Lattices and Their Application to Cryptography
URL: http://theory.stanford.edu/~csilvers/cs359/
Format: PS, DVI
Актуализация: 11.04.2001
Комментарии: There is also a survey of using lattices for crypographic purposes, again in postscript or dvi format, or in html.
Author: Daniele Micciancio
Subject: Lattices in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
URL: http://www-cse.ucsd.edu/~daniele/cse291fa99.html
Format: PS
Актуализация: 11.04.2001
Комментарии: This course will give a general introduction to the theory of (point) lattices, and cover the main applications of lattices to both cryptography and cryptanalysis. The course will be primarily focused on the algorithmic aspects of the theory: which lattice problem can be solved in polynomial time, and which problems seems to be intractable.

Эллиптические кривые, псевдопростые, primality testing etc.
2/2 http://pauillac.inria.fr/algo/morain/

David Wolf's research on games,
в т.ч. книга "Unsolved Problems in Combinatorial Games"
2/2 http://www.gac.edu/~wolfe/papers-games/

There is a very good page which identifies real numbers
2/2 http://www.cecm.sfu.ca/projects/ISC (Inverse Symbolic Calculator)

FREE expert answers to your questions
http://www.freeyellow.com/members/ckornverlag (за 10$)

The Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
2/2 http://www.cecm.sfu.ca (/personal)

Quite a few titles are available from the On-Line Books Page
(http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/); a list of all
titles in math and computer science can be found at
http://digital.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/subjectstart?QA .
Most are older works made available as page images (GIF) from Cornell.
Актуализация: 17/01/2001

A) Суб-Atomny1 Уровень Физики

Том 1 - 1 - Год 1998 До 2002

Франтовская Модель - Новое AtomicTestament
Франтовская Модель - Предварительный Теоретический Анализ Цепи Протона
Франтовская модель - Суб-Atomny1 анализ цепи протона - такая же форма уровнений
Франтовская модель - выровняйте наиболее наилучшим образом приспособленные спектры водорода - это показывает более близкий использовать пригонки снова

Высчитанный гармонический анализ и они цепи генератора близко
сопряганы для теоретического франтовского модельного протона.

Франтовской Модельный Водопод - Наиболее Наилучшим образом
Приспособленный График Спирали Спектров Линии & Наиболее Наилучшим
образом Приспосабливать Маштаб Журнала Графика Спирали Спектров Линии

Спиральн график спектров линии водопода смотрит справедливым
как поле helix спиральн закручивая (HSSF).

Спиральн график используя маштаб журнала смотрит справедливым как
людская клетка крови.

Франтовская модель - Суб-Atomnoe jpg цепи протона - это
показывает протону гармоническую цепь генератора

использование сферически гармоник в MathCAD по мере того
как оно теоретически существует как составной протон частицы.


(demo ^^^Online 3D - сферически чалькулятор
гармоник показывает MathCAD используемое внутри

Франтовское модельное изображение протона (польза оценивает --> l=5, m=1))

Щелкните здесь для того чтобы наблюдать двухполярной галактикой NGC4261 аналогично к франтовское модельное

Цепь протона исключает на модели большой диапазон галактической....

Франтовская Модель - Франтовской Барьер Поля Aether Жидкий

(это показывает теоретически как учредительство частиц

можно приложить также к звездам, галактикам и этой большой
вселенному челки.)

Франтовская Модель - Франтовской Анализ Разбрасывать

Франтовская Модель - Франтовское Aether И Франтовская
Нейтраль Particle.gif

Франтовская Модель - Основная Нейтраль Particle.gif

Франтовская Модель - Франтовская Нейтральная Частица

Франтовская Модель - Франтовская Нейтральная Энергия
Particle(s) & Средняя Жизнь

(^ ^ ^ Теоретические Прогнозы Для Новых Нейтральных Частиц...)


Математика – Ресурсы в интернете. Зарубежные

Topology Atlas Education Lecture Notes and Resources

Some Lectures Notes

Подскажите как зовут Дж.Дж. Берри - изобретателя парадокса Берри. Если возможно, конечно, то со ссылкой на источник информации.
Re: Как зовут Дж. Берри

безвестный библиотекарь G.G.Berry http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/CDMTCS/chaitin/unm2.html

Народ, кто знает, citeseer.nj.nec.com сейчас работает или нет?
Никак не могу достучаться с разных машин.

Заранее благодарен.

> Народ, кто знает, citeseer.nj.nec.com сейчас работает или нет?
> Никак не могу достучаться с разных машин.

Он вроде как переехал на http://citeseer.csail.mit.edu/


Физика в анимациях - Купить диск - Тесты по физике - Графики on-line

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