Theory Of Infinity

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Posted by Vincent Mianji on August 01, 2002:

The Universe is not infinite, but to travel in a straight line across the Universe is infinite but will have a limited amount of places to go, or it is said to be ‘closed’. That means you can’t really travel in a straight line at all. It is travelling at a curved line around the universe due to its gravitational pull, or simply bends space-time.

The Universe is expanding.

However, according to the Theory of Relativity, you can’t tell for sure whether the universe is expanding or not. So the universe is either expanding, or not at all, it might be at a fixed size and it is just getting smaller and smaller, but is expanding inside.

If the Universe is at a fixed size of limited space, then that must mean there is an infinite number of Universes, and that would mean an infinite amount of space, in which there is an infinite amount of energy, and so an infinite amount of matter.

The space of this universe is only limited but is part of the total amount of space, which is infinite. This means that space has never been made nor will it be destroyed, and that has been the same with time.

Another thing is that, if space-time is infinite, then the amount of matter there is in space is infinite that has never been made or will ever be destroyed but only a limited amount in every Universe.

Soon, our Universe will expand to such a size, it might be as small as billions of trillions times smaller, but cannot compare how many times smaller to a fixed period of time.

However, there is one problem. The gravitational pull will be so great that it would collapse under its own gravitational pull. The only way round this is that gravity bends space. Therefore, we could say that there is an infinite number of Universes in an infinite amount of space that all bends round each other. If this is true, then we get another loop once again! Moreso, it would not collapse at all.

The Theory of Infinity shows that all infinity theories carry the same pattern – the ‘Loop of Infinity’.

The ‘Theory of Everything’ says to answer all the theories of Universal Space, but what happens if there were an infinite number of theories? If this was true, then it would more likely to be called the ‘Theory of Everything Infinite’, and would never be finished.

The particles – what are they made of? They are made of atoms, which are made by sub-atoms, which are made of quarks, but what are they made of then? The only answer is that they are made of infinity because what they are made of, the thing that is made of them must be made by something else and so on.

Nothing is accurate. This means that however much you try to make a something perfect, it will never be. This happens in measurement. No matter how accurate a measurement can be, it will never be exact – it may be 0.00000000000000001mm out.