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Message 1024 from Uncle Al, 16 March 2003 22:24:

In response to message 1023: Gravity from Victor . , 16 March 2003:

"Gravity is formed by way of possibility of the nearest object to confirm the influence of forces of repulsion from complex of remove objects."

Where are your equations? Where are your predictions? Where are your empirical tests? Where do you prove the merit of your work by showing how it testably goes beyond existing theory? Where are your literature citations and footnotes? Even allowing for the language gap, we are forced to quote Wolfgang Pauli,

Physicist, "But, surely, Pauli, you don't think what I've said is completely wrong?"

Pauli, "No, I think what you said is not even wrong."

If you wish to mount a challenge to orthodox gravitation theory, you must at least have self-consistent mathematics and empirically falsifiable predictions, and also demonstrate you are not wholly ignorant of the field by citing relevant published papers, e.g.,

Do something naughty to physics

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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