Ballistic simulator "Orbit 1.2"
for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista

If you have our disk "Physics Animations", click setup.exe from directory Orbit/Eng
 to install Orbit 1.2 on your computer. If not, download the trial version from Internet:

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INTRODUCTION. Ballistic simulator "Orbit" allows the physical principles of the motion in the gravitational field of the Earth to be demonstrated and learned. You can calculate with this program the ballistic trajectories of the thrown bodies and orbits of spacecrafts and visualize the astroballistic situation on the flat map of the world and on the rotating globe in the real time.

REGISTRATION. This program is supplied as shareware program. The trial period is 1 month. To continue the work after the end of the trial period you need to register this program. Please enter  the password in the window "Program registration...", which appears after the start of the program.  This window can be also opened from the menu item "Help"->"Registration". Password is given on the label of CD-ROM. If you have no CD-ROM, please use Kagi Online Order Processing. Please contact us if you have any problem with registration or using of this program.


Orbits and ballistic trajectories shown on the flat map of the world, demonstration the physical principles of the motion in the gravitational field of the Earth:
Solar terminator and day/night regions in the real time mode:

3D trajectories, orbits, and revolving globe in celestial coordinates:

Calculation of the obit and ballistic trajectories parameters, prognostication of the spacecrafts motion:

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