E-mail: info@physics.nad.ru
Website: http://physics-animations.com

Order CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk "Physics Animations" with high-quality 3D video-animations on physics. You can place your order and transfer the payment via Kagi Online Order Processing.

1. BR (Blu-Ray disk) "Physics Animations" offers about 120 video-clips in format HD 1080p25 compressed as h264. Disk has built-in animated menu. In the folder DATA you can find separate 1-min video-clips in format mp4. Disk is playable both with TV Blu-Ray player and with  a special software player on PC (for example Corel WinDVD 9 or CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra). For playback of Blu-Ray disk on PC a video card  with hardware decode acceleration is required. In a separate folder you can find CD and DVD versions of "Physics Animations", so BR is the most full version of our disk.

2. DVD "Physics Animations" contains high-quality 1-minute video-clips in DVD format (widescreen PAL 720x576 compressed as MPEG-2). Disk has built-in animated menu.  DVD disk is playable both with a TV DVD-player and with a software DVD-player on your PC. Detailed explanations of video-animations are given in the file start.chm (playable only on PC), which is the compiled HTML-help archive with small GIF-animations and 560x315 AVI video-clips, theoretical explanations to them, hypertext links and search capabilities.
http://physics-animations.com/dvd/WidePAL2-Eng.part1.rar [1106 Mb]
http://physics-animations.com/dvd/WidePAL2-Eng.part2.rar [ 1105 Mb]
We shall send to you the login and password within 3 days after KAGI confirmation of payment.

3. CD "Physics Animations". A demo version of this disk can be found at our website Physics Animations. All animations are accompanied with theoretical explanations.  CD contains small GIF-animations and video-clips MPEG-4 of size 560x315 and 1280x720 pixels.
http://physics-animations.com/download/cdeng.zip [654 Mb] [ 686,184,377 bytes ].
We shall send to you the login and password within 3 days after KAGI confirmation of payment.
http://physics-animations.com/files/pae.zip [7.96 Mb] - free demo version with low resolution animations.

4. The ballistic simulator "Orbit 1.2" allows the physical principles of motion in the gravitational field of the Earth to be demonstrated and learned. Download this shareware program from our website. 

5. Custom animations. We can develop animations according to customer order.

6. Diffraction grating DG10. Diffraction grating DG10 is described here.

7. Fresnel zone plates FZP-01. Fresnel zone plates FZP-01 is described here.

8. Gabor hologram HH-30-4000s . Gabor hologram is described here.

Delivery terms. Disks, diffraction grating, Fresnel zone plates and other products will be sent to you by air-mail within 3 days after the payment confirmation from KAGI . It ordinarily takes about 2-3 weeks for the package to get to the customer in US and Europe. The program "Orbit" with registration password is enclosed on this disk too (so, if you buy the disk you should not pay for "Orbit" separately. The password for "Orbit 1.2" registration will be send to you via e-mail within 3 days after payment confirmation.

Please contact us if you have any further questions, suggestions and requests regarding this site or disk "Physics Animations" 

Copyright (c) 1998-2012, All rights reserved. No portion of this site may be copied or used for other website without permission of the authors. Please contact us to agree the terms of use.


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